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We are passionate about creating meaningful design, experiences and spaces, while providing accessible and flexible working options. 


The Big Idea and Store Concept
Instore Graphics
Wayfinding & Signage

With over five years previous experience working on an array of projects with Primark, we had the pleasure of creating the concept for the new Flagship Barcelona store. It is key for Primark to tell their story and bring the brand to life in-store through a local narrative - allowing that connection and elevated experience for their customer. Following extensive research and immersion, the concept of a “Super Reality” was born creating a fashion dream in the heart of the city. Barcelona provided a wealth of inspiration, from the heightened vibrance of the local culture, to the surrealist architecture, to the waves of the beaches. The spirit of the city hits you as soon as you enter this beautiful historic building filled with 6 floors of fashion, from the surreal ‘eye-light’ atrium, overscaled mosaic graphics and curvaceous wayfinding, through to the architectural finishes and application. 


Brand Identity
Web Design

After an impressive 15 years at Galvin at Windows, 7 of which were spent as Head Chef, renowned Michelin starred chef Joo Won is launching his highly anticipated first solo venture ‘Cálong’. Billed to be a more casual dining offer set in North East London, the restaurant will offer comfort European and Korean dishes with best British seasonal ingredients. Joo was looking for a brand identity that was fresh and represented good taste in his local narrative, as well as matching his sophisticated yet quirky style. Working with Joo and the talented illustrator Tezo Kyungdon Lee, we have created an identity that is fresh and stands out from a cluttered crowd, the new website gives more insight into Joo and showcases some of his mouth watering dishes. 


Brand Identity, Collateral and Web Design

We wanted to create a brand with a difference to its competitors for Longdin Engineering, a brand new structural engineering company launched this year. Moving away from what is traditionally a more obvious ‘building based’ brand identity, we wanted to focus on the traditional pen and ink references, and how the balance of a structural approach vs the written word could be represented - both of which are fundamental to the services offered. We have used a very open styling which is very typographical, inspired by a very traditional Swiss type which offers a wonderful balance of structured form and ‘written media’ styling. The result is a bold yet understated personality that shows confidence without over production - well reflective of the importance of structural engineering as a service. 


Name Generation, Copy writing, Brand Identity, Collateral and Web Design

With sustainability increasingly important and agenda topping, our Client came to us wanting to launch a new and exciting second hand pop up clothing offering that would appeal to an audience who collectively want to help the planet but appreciate fashion at good value. The offer would push the boundary of what a second hand clothing offering can be, moving away from a more grunge market to be something that is accessible and appeals to anyone and everyone. We wanted to create an identity and name that reflected this new way of thinking about fashion, as something that can be sustainable and still exciting and fashionable, a new fashion movement. The creation of ‘We Are.’ as a brand name and design offers a unique and multifaceted opportunity for the brand to be flexible and cameleonesque across its application - be it in space or communications, while also being bold, confident and calling on the community to join the new fashion revolution. We then translated this across into all aspects of a fashion pop up - across communications and instore application that is flexible yet still remains bold and exciting, as well as the website and social styling. 

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