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On New Year's Day in 2015, I woke up fully clothed with my shoes on the pillow next to me. I decided I had to do something even MORE fun with the year ahead. I couldn't afford to go to film school, so I figured I'd just get out there and do it. I wanted to teach myself everything about shooting, editing, directing, and most importantly storytelling. I released a quick film each week for the entire year. 52 Flicks.

8:52 Flicks : Mo Money

In Australia, we get two Hard Rubbish Days each year. This is just where the council collects your old junk, but we get so excited by it that it should be a public holiday. It's like a massive treasure hunt in the days before Hard Rubbish Day. On the eve of the big day, I drove through Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and saw a middle aged couple sprinting across the road with glee, pushing an old office chair. I had an idea...

14:52 Flicks : Red Herring

Andy Clarke is brother's best mate. He is a very quiet achiever, but boy does he achieve. He has a mind like no one else I know and I was so keen to try and understand a little more about it.

38:52 Flicks : Fox with the Chooks

Roger the cobbler of Redfern is pretty famous in Sydney. He is a mad flirt with a face that tells a thousand stories. I've taken many weary soles to Roger over the years and I've always been fascinated by him. I rolled in early one Saturday morning for a chat.

48:52 Flicks : Courage and Fear

Dion is a sculptor - he creates big, dynamic works in steel. I visited his studio to chat to him about his work, but we ended up just chatting about life. In this vid, he recognises the hardest things about being a parent - karma.

50:52 Flicks : Reenie Goes to Tinsel Town

I'm mad for Christmas. I love everything about it. I took Mum (in character as "Reenie") to our local K-mart to play out this obsession for me. We were asked to leave.

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