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Hello there,

Welcome to everyone+everything festival 2022.

A brand new creative festival, curated and produced by street photographer, Matt Strong, supporting the work of 3 UK mental health charities; CALM, Sane, and Maudsley Charity. 

On behalf of the 3 charities and everyone+everything festival we would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your donation to this project. Your generosity hasn't gone unnoticed and 100% of all the money raised from donations to gain access to this everyone+everything website, will be split equally and donated to the 3 charities outlined above.


The festival features 50 exciting and inspiring artists that Matt has met over the years, from a wide range of creative disciplines, and they come from as far away as Sydney to Buffalo, New York and back again to the festival's spiritual home in London.

Matt Strong has also produced brand new and previously unseen work, exclusively for everyone+everything festival which he hopes to perform live one day. 

Matt explains more about the idea behind the festival; "everyone+everything festival launches exclusively online for now, but the dream was always to have a physical festival in a London venue for a season of events. I will be looking into how I can make this happen, so for now, keep good care of your festival wristband, as this will give you free unlimited access to everyone+everything festival live - fingers crossed." 

Matt continues saying "I hope you find your time here enjoyable and that the amazing selection of art gets your creative juices flowing - this is the start of a very exciting journey and I'm very happy you are going to be a part of it all with me."

Matt would like to personally thank all of the creatives that have agreed to be a massive part of this project ;


"Without you, and your outstanding talents, this festival wouldn't be what it is today. Together we have made something very special for CALM, Sane, and Maudsley Charity, you should all be proud of this and I hope we can make a lot of positive awareness for mental health".

He would also like to send out a huge thank you and respect to the BTS crew that helped out on some of the performance and interview shoots for the festival and other production tasks;

Dan Batchelor - Camera / Editing / Sound @danbatch_


Kelly Redondo - Camera


Jon Chandler - Sound

Judy Chen - Mushroom Venue Hire

Del Owusu - Temporary Producer

Ivan Muela - Sound

Finlay O'hara - Camera / Sound

Simon WanPhotography

George Moore - Sound

Monica Costa - Subtitle Transcripts

Christopher Thomas Allen - Camera / Sound

"You all made things go so smoothly and I am very grateful for what you have done for this project" Matt said. 

And finally, last but not least, Matt wishes to send a shout out of love and thanks to his family and friends.


"Some days I really wouldn't get through it all without the guidance and encouragement I get from the support you have shown me time and time again. everyone+everything festival marks a very poignant time in my life as it's 20 years to the year when I was first diagnosed with a serious life debilitating mental illness, but I'm still here to tell my story."


"I'd like to also express an extra special mention of gratitude to Moni and Dylan, my partner and son, who have both seen me at my darkest of times, but they have always shone a beacon of light to guide me home."


everyone+everything festival is dedicated

to the people that didn't make it home.

© everyone+everything festival 2022

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